Stainless Steel Name Necklace With Ring

3 min readOct 11, 2021

The meaning of necklace with ring

Necklace with the ring is also called the promise ring. It is a symbol of commitment, usually given to a man by a woman, it is a special piece of jewelry that is often classed as a mens engagement ring, it symbolizes a ‘promise’ of commitment.

Necklace with ring can also be exchanged between couples as a pre-engagement, or even just as a token gesture between a man and woman, for younger people it is an updated version of wearing your boyfriends ring around your neck on a chain, it symbolizes being together.
That being said, promise rings are also exchanged between friends, for many years rings have been used to seal promises between close friends or family.

Necklace with rings is also given to children from parents as promises to refrain from bad virtues such as smoking or drinking or even forming a sexual relationship before marriage.

Some religions also use necklace with ring to symbolize their faith. These rings are usually worn by followers and the promise ring is a commitment to follow the beliefs and teachings of their religion in everyday life.

How much does it cost to change a ring into a necklace?

Generally speaking, the final price will vary depending on the MOQ and material of the customized jewelry. Some even depending on the time and complexity, they generally start at around $650. But at Churinga, we can make per necklace with ring for as little as $2.80.

Is it OK to wear the wedding ring on necklace?

Wearing your Wedding Band Creatively. Wear your wedding band on a necklace. This can be a great and safe solution to wearing your ring if you are involved in work or activities where it may get in the way. Slide your wedding ring onto an attractive chain and wear it around your neck, close to your heart, as a pendant. Necklace with wedding ring symbolizes eternal commitment, true love.

How does a ring holder necklace work?

If you want to make your own necklace with ring by hand, we recommend you do so. Rings can be worn hanging from inside the bottom of the holder or over the top of the holder. To wear the ring on top of the holder, put the ring over both ends of the chain and lay the ring on the holder before putting the necklace on. The final result is shown below.

Of course, you can contact us if you have any design pictures, 3D pictures or reference pictures with your idea. We support customized jewelry.

Necklace with Ring Details

CHURINGASXL-0007 necklace with ring
CHURINGASXL-0007 necklace with ring