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History of Heart Jewelry

Heart jewelry dates back to the early Middle Ages. The heart started to pop into jewelry and art scenes, and at this time, the incorporation of heart designs was also seen in family crests for the royal family. Between the 15th and the 16th centuries, the heart imageries exploded into silver and gold jewelry, and they were worn mostly by aristocrats, as well as the upper class — pretty much everyone who could afford this kind of jewelry at the time.

Then, by early in the 20th Century, King Edward VIII made this kind of jewelry even more popular as he showcased his love for Wallis Simpson through the beautiful heart jewelry. His relationship was documented in the press and across the whole world, and though Edward VIII abdicated the throne for love, later on, the heart jewelry stuck around and has been around for a long time.

What do hearts mean in jewelry?

The first piece of jewelry with a heart dates back to King Edward VIII when he gifted Ms. Simpson the Cartier Heart Charm necklace inscribed with a beautiful Blaise Pascal’s quote — The Heart Has Its Reasons. Eventually, this would be stuck upon jewelers and lovers of jewelry, something that has dominated the fashion and jewelry scene for a long while now.

The reason for the popularity of heart jewelry has to do with the fact that the heart is the core of human anatomy — it is, after all, the organ responsible for pumping blood to the body’s extremities while also keeping you alive. So, if, for example, you donate blood, you are literally giving away a part of yourself to another soul. And in the romantic sense, giving a heart to someone else in the romantic sense means that you will be offering a part of yourself to the person you love. The heart-inspired jewelry represents you giving that person you love a bit of your heart, and whenever they wear that piece of jewelry, they will be reminded of the love you have for them and the love you share.

Over centuries, therefore, the heart’s found a way into bracelets, pendants, rings, and charms, among other kinds of jewelry. And if you consider yourself crazy in love, you may have seen or even bought the heart-shaped padlocks that have been used to signify the love shared between two people and also the life-long commitment they make to each other. You’ll still notice the heart-shaped padlocks in the jewelry scene today, not to mention the infamous chain link fences in many parts of the world where you get to write the name of that person you love at the padlock’s back, lock it to the fence, then throw the key away. This might not be your thing, but at its heart, this tradition is meant to signify and honor the love you have for that person, and more importantly, the metaphorical and actual significance of the fact that the love you have for that person wouldn’t be given away or unlocked for anyone else.

Now that we have the basics out of the way and we understand what different kinds of jewelry mean let’s take a look at the different types of heart necklaces and what they mean.

Heartbeat Necklace Meaning

Different meanings could be derived from the heartbeat necklace, but this necklace is common with lovers and beloved family members. For most people, this necklace is a representation of the amazing feeling that you get when you find someone who just gets you. Someone who gets your heart, and you don’t have to pretend because you share this very genuine kind of love and compatibility: someone who understands you and someone who will always have you in their heart.

But that is not all — the heartbeat necklace is also quite symbolic when used as a reminder to self for you to always come back to your heart’s wisdom and to be able to remember and extend compassion not just to yourself but to others. In meditation and yoga, for example, the heart beats in a slow, steady, and smooth rhythm, coming into a deep coherence that brings you a sense of calm and wholeness.

This affects your sense of wellbeing and also that of the people you interact with. And because the heart is one of the most remarkable electromagnetic fields, when your heart meets the right heart or when your hearts’ fields meet, you get each other because you share emotions, whether happiness or joys, fears or sorrows. This heartbeat necklace, therefore, enhances your level of coherence and awareness in your world.

Heartbeat Necklace Details

CHURINGASXL-0006 Rose Gold Heartbeat Necklace
CHURINGASXL-0006 Rose Gold Heartbeat Necklace